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Between Friends

Between Friends - D.L. Sparks It is impossible to sit down with a D.L. Sparks book and not read it all the way through! This is her third book that I've read and I'm ALREADY ready for the next one!

These characters are so vivid, to me- Idalis and India- the twins who are so alike and yet so different- independent and yet interdependent; Trip Spencer, who sounds like a hunk and a half, running from everything that has hurt him and burying himself in the job instead of dealing with his pain; Lincoln Briscoe, who... just... I'm pissed at him. This weasel is backed into a corner and uses the only weapons a neanderthal knows to use, knowing full well that his deeds will not go unpunished. My favorite character? Phil!:D He's the quintessential Wing Guy, the Partner. I love Phil's appetite (This dude shows up to a drug buy with a bag of Lay's!)for the ladies and for the food. It made for a humorous ribbon running through the book.

As always, Sparks begins her action on the first page. We jump right into the middle of the story of a team of NOLA DEA Agents sent to Atlanta to deal with a drug bust gone wrong. Aside from the tension of a case that is falling apart in front of his eyes, Trip has other issues to deal with-- namely his high school bestie Idalis and her Atlanta PD fiancee Lincoln. The jealousy and tension between these two jumps off of the pages. Idalis is caught in the middle of an emotional tug of war between the two, but she has a secret or two that she's trying to keep under wraps.

A fast paced, exciting read with no wasted scenes, no useless dialogue, no unimportant characters, a page turning plot and a satisfying ending. That's how I like my fiction.