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Unti Gibson Ebook #2

Blue By You - Rachel Gibson The thing about novellas is that I always want MORE. Blue By You is yet another novella that I tortured myself with.

I L O V E Rachel Gibson, and I feel like Blue By You is one of her best! Set in swampy hot Louisiana, there's so much history crammed into these six chapters, I'm positively swooning. I'd love for this to be a full length and in an audio book, recorded by someone with a rich, deep Creole lilt to her voice.

I'm also sad that this is a Novella because I could have handled a LOT more Kasper. I mean... a lot. He sounds delicious and swarthy and so not good for anyone. Those are the best kind, the ones that aren't good for you.

I am going to uselessly and futilely hope that we'll see Blue and Kasper in a full length novel at some point!