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Run To You

Run To You - Rachel Gibson I don't know if I've mentioned it before but I love Rachel Gibson. LOVE. Despite loving her, I didn't read Rescue Me because the story didn't seem like one I really wanted to dig into. There's an excerpt at the end of Run to You, which I skimmed, but it still didn't tickle my fancy.

Yet and still, I was excited to read Run to You, sight unseen. It's rare these days that I get a book and read the entire thing in one day. For one it has to be a shortish book and for two it has to be just that engrossing.

Stella Leon is a the second heroine penned as a bartender who ran away from home, especially when home tends to be the place where the money is. I guess the running theme right now is women can be and are completely self sufficient-- that message is coming through loud and clear.

Beau Junger is an ex military, current Security/Private Detective/Guy You Hire To Do Stuff Like Find a Long Lost Relative. Oh, also he has a little personal issue that he's dealing with, in that he wants to stop having meaningless sex with women. So when Beau (who is a meaty hunky twin to Blake), meets the gorgeous dark haired, blue eyed Stella, the fight with himself is on.

Beau's job is to find Stella. That's it. Of course things don't end up that easily. After Beau gets a little hot headed and starts a fight with Stella's boss (bar owner Ricky, who just happens to be a member of the Mob), therefore getting Stella fired (or quitting... whatever, details) he ends up spending six days with her, taking her from Miami to visit the sister she's never met but always knew about. Stella not only doesn't want to go to Lovett, she's also afraid her rich, much more loved by her father sister won't like her or accept her or think she's good enough to be a Hollowell.

There are a few mini stories woven into this book, all of which added to the tension between major and minor characters (Beau and his dad, Beau and his brother, Beau and his mom; Stella and her mom, Stella and her father, Stella and the sister she's never met who hired a hunky hottie to come find her and deliver her to Lovett, TX). I really enjoy when a book is HOT, but the sex isn't the main theme, it just accentuates the relationship that is building.

Insert my usual complaint about romances, then override that with a well written, engrossing, fun story, complete with a nice arc for our hero and you get Run to You. Absolutely enjoyed.

On a side note, I do wish we could have resolved a bit more between Stella and Sadie, and talked a little more about Stella/her mother and the money that her father left for her. I felt like that part of the plot was incomplete and kind of left hanging... unless there's more coming in another book. Plus, what happens to Beau and Stella after the last flashbang?!