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Disappearing Acts

Disappearing Acts - Terry McMillan Shortie review here, since I am all kinds of late finally reading this book but OH EM GEE IT WAS GOOD!

I don't know why, but I haven't made a big habit out of reading Terry McMillan. My mother enjoyed Waiting to Exhale (the movie too) but I never read it. I read Getting to Happy and didn't think it was all that bad .... but I hadn't read Waiting, so I didn't have the same complaints that everyone else had. I also read Who Asked You and while I didn't truly enjoy it, it also primed my interest in more Terry McMillan, so on the suggestion and encouragement of a few friends, I took it all the way back to Disappearing Acts.

Ya'll know i don't do summaries in my reviews, so I won't bore you with details you can look up. I will just say... Zora needed her butt beat. BAD. BAD! Frankie had absolutely zero going for him when she met him, and frankly there was nowhere to go but UP, but... dawg. Chica. Lady. Friend. SHoulda listened to your girls. And I know it's hard, when you think about not having anyone to keep the bed warm at night, and wanting to be a ride or die kinda chick. This novel SURE opened my eyes to the mistakes that we can make when we think we need to be all in. At some point you gotta keep hold of yourself.

We watched Zora give up so much of herself and her dreams (and her MONEY and her PERSONAL SPACE) for Franklin. What did he give her in return? Two babies, some bills and some heartache. Zora had a lot of wonderfully patient people in her life, people who I think saved her behind when she needed it!

I really enjoyed this read so I am off to read more of McMillan's older work!