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All I Need is You

All I Need is You - M. Malone I've come to amass a small group of authors that I keep up with, stalking their social media pages, lying in wait for an update. M. Malone has joined that group recently with her tales of the Alexanders, a growing family that seems to never see a dull moment.

All I Need is You is installment #4. We got a tease of this story in the novella, Christmas with the Alexanders (available for free on Kindle here). Kaylee and Eli (Elliott) have been dancing around each other for awhile. They share a steamy kiss under the mistletoe at Christmas... and then Eli disappears. Kaylee decides she's done with him, her massive crush on him and her deeply running feelings for him.

Her stalker, however, has different plans. When Kaylee seems oddly targeted-- again, because Elliott thought he'd already captured her stalker and put him away -- Eli doesn't trust her saftey to anyone but himself. After a few close calls, he swoops in to whisk Kaylee and her daughter, Hope, to a safe, anonymous place.

This place happens to be a spot Eli knows well. It's where he can relax, be himself. All of himself, which includes an interest in BDSM and sex toys, something that will surely scare Kaylee away. So as much as he cares for her-- and cares for her he does-- he can't let her in, because she'll never truly understand who he is.

I love several things  about this book. There's nothing sexier than a man who can't stand to see a woman in a compromising, unsafe position. His first instinct is protection and this need to protect ramps to make Eli so sexy. His machismo jumps right off the page, it seems. I also like that Kaylee isn't your typical romance heroine-- twiglike, waif, never eats, had a baby and already back to a size zero, lives for nothing but the love of a man. Kaylee is thick and luscious with much to hang onto, making moves to make a better life for herself and her daughter.

This isn't just a romance book! Malone creates a great balance of sex and suspense in this novel, culminating in a very satisfying, Happily Ever After ending all the way around. Without spoiling the entire thing, I think fans of The Alexanders will enjoy this latest episode. I'm already ready for the next installment, coming this summer.

Till next time!