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Can't Say No

Can't Say No - Jennifer Greene, Jeanne Grant I received "Can't Say No" from NetGalleys.com and read it in practically one sitting. I was intrigued by the storyline of a perfect Bree, whose life was so disturbed by her Grandmother's death that she could no longer speak... except in her dreams. I identified with Bree right away.

Have to say, I never came to like Hart Manning. I realize the author's goal was to create a character so enigmatic and aggressive that you first hate, then love him. It reminds me a bit of the Mr. Darcy effect. No matter how much I love Mark Darcy, I found Hart to be quite over the top, though I was happy he got her to speak again.

This was a quick, enjoyable read. I think probably the only iffy point was how many people flew, then drove for 3 hours to come see Bree and then immediately left. Quite unrealistic and bothersome... but I guess if she didn't have a phone...