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Practice to Deceive (Holland Taylor Mystery)

Practice to Deceive - David Housewright "Holland Taylor is a former cop turned private detective; he has an African American associate who covers his back, a high-level friend on the police force, and a smart lady who tries to keep him on the straight path. He also practices martial arts, brews exotic coffee, and favors a special brand of local beer. Taylor works out of Minnesota's Twin Cities, and Housewright's plot is as open-faced as his genial homage. Asked by his father to help an 85-year-old neighbor recover the life savings stolen from her by an oily investment counselor, Taylor uses a cross-dressing computer genius to harass the swindler. Things quickly turn nasty and lots of shots are fired--some are deadly."

I enjoyed this book. I like a suspenseful unpredictable read. Fast-paced, easy, butnfullmof twists to keep you guessing. Housewright is quickly becoming an author where I feel like I have to read his entire collection. Like John Lescroart, I enjoy authors that follow a single character through multiple books building on the storyline. On to number three of the Holland Taylor series.