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The Things I Do for You (The Alexanders)

The Things I Do for You - M. Malone I was furnished a copy of this book from NetGalley for review.

The Things I Do For You is Book Two in the Alexanders series. I think I'd know more about these characters had I read Book One, but it didn't seem required. There was just enough back story to pick up the gist.

I must say that I enjoy the thought of a series in adult fiction. I do like recurring characters. This book, while spinning an interesting tale, didn't grab me by the gut. It was one of those reads where I just want to know what happens, I don't particularly enjoy the writing. More of a guilty pleasure read then something I would eagerly anticipate.

My friend once said that romances are a lot alike. They follow the same formula- they start with boy meets girl and end with boy gets girl. What comes in the middle is what makes a story interesting.

The cover art is intriguing... I was interested in reading a story with a black character.

I think what bothers me the most is what bothers me about a lot of books, especially romances-- they're like fantasies and wet dreams. Rich beautiful people and their problems. Little to no conflict, I don't care or feel any particular emotion for them. I'm following along like a soap opera and not involved like a well written drama.

I probably won't pick up the rest of the series on my own but would probably read/review them for NetGalley if they popped up since the author is familiar to me now.