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Deadline - Sandra Brown I was furnished an advance copy of this book from NetGalley.

I was excited to read this book because I've recently rediscovered Sandra Brown's work. Having realized that I liked all of the material I've read so far, I've been trying to collect all of her titles, especially those being re-released as ebooks. Deadline, however is a new Brown title that will be published September 2013.

Deadline started out very slow-- I had a hard time connecting with the male lead, Dawson Scott-- and perhaps this was on purpose. He's written as a man that doesn't let people get close to him, pictures himself a loner. Dawson's Godparents(Gary and Eva Headly) are like his actual parents and they dote on him and take care of him. Their entry into the story is where it starts to pick up.

This IS a Brown novel, so yes there is a romantic female lead, one Amelia Nolan. She's cagey and suspicious, as well she should be. She has two sons to protect from a man who is supposed to be dead-- but deep down she knows he is not.

There are some entertaining, admirable twists to this story-- one character who's presented himself as one person for years turns out to be another; one character who thought he knew himself learns something he never expected to find out and along the way there are shootouts and a secret cabin and a getaway boat. Risking his job-- and sometimes his life-- Dawson is determined to get to the bottom of the case.

I can't pinpoint what I don't specifically like about the book. I finished it, so it was a good read. I feel, however, that I've already read better Brown books. I always have an issue with characters who fall in love 'right away' or 'at first sight' and how things are so pat and wrapped up and happily ever-after... but I suppose that comprises the romance part of the Romantic Suspense genre?

Overall, enjoyable, no glaring oddities... just didn't enjoy it as much as Sandra Brown's previous titles-- which I will still be making my way through. SIXTY titles. Wow.