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The Plague - Lisa C. Hinsley First of all I would not recommend that mamas of babies read this. Also if you're very sensitive or have a weak stomach, skim skim skim or skip this one.

That said, I guess I am morbid and perverse because I just could not stop reading. This was really short but very descriptive account of a terrifying 'what if'-- what if there was another outbreak of The Plague, but in these modern times? What if your government turned its back on you? What if they abandoned you and left you to die?

Lisa Hinsley immediately dumps her readers into this world by introducing her son, young Nathan, who has been sick for a few days. No worries though, because while there is an outbreak, it's contained to the southern part of the country.... isn't it?

Too late, the residents of this small, close-knit village find that not only has the plague spread beyond the south, but it is nowhere near contained. And there is no cure.

I saw a few other reviews that longed for more depth of character in Liz and I have to agree. We only see these characters during the worst times of their lives. They never get out of that hot, fly-infested, stinking house. Her husband Johnny is never more than a raging, angry man in severe denial until the end. Her mother is never more than a delusional screaming banshee. And Nathin is never well. Only sick.

I didn't realize this was a novella and the thing I always realize about novellas is that they're never enough. I feel like I didn't get enough of the story. I got actions and reactions and emotions but no deep digging story telling, which I would have welcomed.

That aside, this was a quick, gripping, graphic read that I really enjoyed.