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The In-Between Hour

The In-Between Hour - Barbara Claypole White Was an "okay" read for me. I think I expected a lot of the story to center around Will's son and he was more like a plot piece to throw around to make things more difficult, add some conflict and a reason for Will to have something to reveal later. There's a love story that's a bit unbelievable, an old man that I grew to love, the alluring, gorgeous, older (but doesn't look it) neighbor, the standard quirky best friend and the deeply emotional teenager. Around the middle of the book, it really started to pick up for me, which, if I hadn't have been reading it for review, I never would have made it that far.

I felt in some ways that this book was written by a 12 year old boy... rather a woman's interpretation of how a man thinks. The words 'boner' and 'staring at her butt'... I mean I know plenty of 35 year old men who don't use the word boner. It was distracting, and eye roll inducing, to me.

What was more realistic to me was Galen's depression and suicide attempts and how the author dealt with his storyline. I appreciated that his story was not pat and 'happily ever after'. There were still difficulties and challenges and we had to muddle through that with him.

This would be a great book to whittle away an afternoon but probably not a favorite read of 2013.

I received a copy of this novel for review from NetGalley.