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Lethal - Sandra Brown I thoroughly enjoyed this read from Sandra Brown. I was hooked from page one and felt the story got underway right away. No prologue, no wasted introductory scenes. I like when I feel like I've stepped into a huge mess and I get to ride along on the journey to sort things out.

As usual, Brown takes us on a eventful trip through the plot as the story dives deeper. Everyone that Honor Gillette trusted the day before can no longer be trusted. Her husband, decorated fallen policeman, may have been murdered and Lee Coburn thinks she holds the key to the reason why. After rescuing Honor from what might have been a deadly situation, he has no choice but to drag her along while he solves the mystery. Oh, and while he's running for his life.

There are some great characters here and a little twist that I honestly didn't see coming. Lee Coburn is a gruff, rough and tumble former marine turned deep undercover FBI agent. Under that rugged exterior beats the heart of a man who's never had anyone, so he doesn't realize that he needs Honor. And Emily, her daughter. The BookKeeper is frighteningly menacing, ruling the cartel and dirty cop operation with a iron fist. Diego is a ruthless murderer with a secret to keep. Local FBI Director Van Allen is in a marriage so broken it's on life support.

Brown keeps us wondering, thinking, mentally investigating each character, because we don't know which ones are clean and which ones are out to get Honor and keep her from helping Coburn uncover her husband's secret.

Sandra Brown is great at romantic suspense and as usual, she places a few tasteful love scenes and the pacing toward characters feeling for each other is gradual. There is no declaration of love entirely too soon. It really irks me to see that in so many romance novels. Maybe it's less romantic but its more believable.

I waffled as to give this book four or five stars. I ultimately decided on five stars because I have so few complaints and I was thoroughly entertained. Bring on more Sandra Brown!