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Dash of Peril (Hqn)

Dash of Peril - Lori Foster I discovered Lori Foster through the Harlequin Page on Facebook. One look at Rowdy's wide chest and muscular arms and I desperately wanted to read Getting Rowdy. Therefore, I came late to the Love Undercover Series but I have no problem with going back to read One and Two, just so I can know the entire background story. Much of what happens in the later books refers to the earlier stories but the stories are enough of a stand alone to get the gist.

I was intrigued, pretty quickly, by the plot in this book-- Lt. Margaret Peterson is close to uncovering a porn ring, even going undercover to try to get information and lure the ringleaders out. We heard a bit about this during Getting Rowdy and it continues in Dash of Peril. Peterson putting herself in harm's way puts her grave danger, and doing so gets hunky Dash Riske's blood pressure up. He's been in love with "Margo" for heaven knows how long and he's finally working his way into her heart when Margo is T-Boned by a car and then shot at.

Cue Nurse Dash, which is so endearing. I did enjoy him taking care of her, keeping her safe from herself as well as from the goons that have put a bounty on her head. As Rowdy put it, Dash is 'head over ass in love' and it shows.  I like the theme that Foster has going of this tight circle of friends and family who look out for each other, take care of each other and protect each other. Dash is as much there for Margo's pleasure as he is there to make sure she is safe and not alone.

Herein lies a few of my nits with this story.

I don't mind a hot story and in fact, I've come to expect a modicum of bedroom gymnastics from a lot of authors. However, there was just... a LOT of sex in this book. A LOT. And not that it was bad, but I felt the plot suffered for it. I understood that we were supposed to see Dash breaking Margo down, but after awhile, I skipped the pages and pages of nookie until I got to a part that advanced the story. I felt the story didn't really pick up for me until the last 40% or so. Then I found some great detective work and high action, some revelations made about Margo's father, brother and also her Commander (which I didn't see coming).

Secondly... Dash was really... how do I put this? Handsy. He interfered so much with Margo and how she did her job. She's a Lieutenant. She has a job to do. She needs to demand respect among her officers. Standing behind her, rubbing her shoulders, hugging her, long meaningful kisses in front of her subordinates... really just served to frustrate me. I really wanted Dash to get hold of his macho mentality and let Margo do her damn job. YES, it's dangerous but Reece and Logan would never, ever let her put herself in a situation she couldn't get out of. I felt like he was stripping her of respect from her team. But, I suppose it all worked out in the end. I did get the point of what Dash was doing but I spent most of the book saying 'down boy! Geez!'

I admit to being far more interested in Cannon's story, in case anyone can't tell. I've been raving about him since Getting Rowdy and I'm chomping at the bit to read his story in the fall. I'm touched by his dedication to his community and I'm interested to see where he takes his MMA career. And will Yvette be back? Don't know, but he seemed to have it bad for her. I hope he finds her again.

Don't get me wrong at all-- I have my gripes, however this is a great read. I love the conclusion and as always a hint toward the next book. I'm ready!