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The Hunter

The Hunter - John Lescroart I must preface this by saying that Wyatt Hunt books are not my favorite. I'm clear Hardy/Glitsky fan and I'm sure Lescroart is tired of "hearing" me tweet that. :) The fact that I gave this book four stars (a near perfect for me, since I rarely give a book five stars), speaks volumes! Great read!

That said, this was probably the best of the Hunt Club books I've read. I love the delve into his past, his adoption, his psychological issues and the inherent mystery involved, something so close to his own personal life and history. Also? LOVED THE TWIST! You know how they say there are no new ideas? Gotta say... have never read THAT in a detective novel before.

Since I don't follow Wyatt that closely, I was a little rusty on his relationship with Tamara... and I have to say at the beginning of the book she is way annoying. She was there for Wyatt and really grew on me, though.

Can't wait for Lescroart's next novel, and I've been promised that it will have some Hardy/Glitsky. YAY.