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The Jump Off

The Jump Off - Doug Dixon I wanted to say that this was my first romance written from a male POV, but I've been reading Eric Jerome Dickey for years. While Doug Dixon is no EJD, this story held my attention enough to get lost in the story and want to know how it ended.

I mentioned earlier that stories written from the male point of view betray how men must really view the world. His storytelling is straightforward, choppy, at times full of unnecessary details. There is considerable attention paid to 'honeys'-- how women look, imagining making love to them, talk of how men use and throw women away and how they come to a mature point in life and begin to want something more.

It should be odd for men to write female characters, but I can't say I had any issue with how Dixon wrote women. Jennifer and Dana's reactions, dialog and action seem realistic and believable-- the women in these stories don't do things because they're a man's wet dream. There's a reason for every action and reaction.

The Jump Off was a nice quick read, kind of a palate cleanser. I'm trying to decide if I want to read his other novel. It is written soley from the POV of three women, it looks like. Maybe I should check it out to see how well he really 'get's' women.