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The Room Beyond

The Room Beyond - Stephanie Elmas I requested this book from Netgalley after seeing a post on twitter from the author.

I must admit that after reading all of the reviews for this novel, I must just be dense and unsophisticated. I was confused by chapter 4 and the plot, the romances, the stories unfolding in 1892 and present day just never really caught on for me. In fact, I still don't really 'get it'.

Though the book didn't really resonate with me, I did enjoy the dual time periods and slowly bringing the two stories together and twisting the past with the present. Elmas' characters are vibrant and full of mystery, each with their own secrets and stories. I found this novel to be well written with great pacing.... I just couldn't grab hold of the plot quickly enough to make this book truly enjoyable for me.