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Betting on You: A Danvers Novella (Danvers, #4.5)

Betting on You: A Danvers Novella (Danvers, #4.5) - Sydney Landon A fun and funny romp (pun intended) involving Seth, owner of Oceanix Resorts and Mia, assigned to replace the Communications Systems for Oceanix. Seth had been expecting an awkward reunion with a woman he used to date... who was now pregnant by another man, but he happens upon open, flirty Mia, his mind settles on more than business.

From here, the story is predictable... sort of. Boy and girl like each other; Boy participates in a charity auction; girl's mother buys boy for her daughter, because the attraction is obvious. Seth and Mia are soon involved in a tawdry affair but (there's always a but) there's fear of becoming more. Why is there always fear of becoming more? If I had to describe women based on modern romances lately, I'd peg them as women who wan't all of the sex but none of the picking up his socks off of the floor; all of the elegant dinners out, none of the picking cheese off of the wrappers of fast food burgers. So much glitz, no hard work. But hey, that's cool.

When Mia finds Seth in a compromising position, it seems her fears are well founded and she, of course runs. Cue the hunky man not being able to live his life without this spunky ray of sunshine, bim bam boom... I'll let you all fill in the steamy blanks.

This was a fun afternoon read, a novella so the action starts quickly and strikes hot without dragging scenes on and on. WRiting is okay, but why do rich people call their loved ones darling? That's the stiffest greeting I can think of.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley and a review will be posted on my blog at TheSweetEscape.net