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Easily Amused - Karen McQuestion Easily Amused is the short, sometimes funny, lightning fast read about Lola, editor of a Parenting Magazine, sister to the ever so perfect Mindy, friend to Piper-the-busy- mom and Hubert-- the friend with the girlfriend she can't stand. She lives in an old house on King Street, bequeathed to her from her Aunt May. Lola fills her life with her job and her friends and the occasional online date.

When Hubert's girlfriend blessedly dumps him, Lola gains a sudden roommate. When Mindy gets engaged, she gains a sudden problem. Ever the competitive siblings, Lola and Mindy have spent their lives one-upping each other. The ultimate one up is coming-- Mindy is both younger, thinner, prettier, more put together and is getting married before Lola. She intends to use her wedding to as an opportunity to stick it to her sister-- Lola turns 30 on Mindy's wedding day.

Piper to the rescue! She devises a plan that just might work, if only they knew a tall, dark and handsome man for Lola to take to the wedding and announce... an engagement!

Enter Ryan, the most mysterious neighbor on King Street. Suddenly there's a new rivalry between Mindy and Lola over Ryan, Hubert (who's developed feelings)and Ryan over Lola, and the entire neighborhood and Ryan. Much to Lola's surprise, Ryan seems interested in more than posing as her fake fiancé. Lola falls headlong into like with him, despite the suspicious rumblings of her friends and curious interest from her engaged sister.

I bought this book from Amazon Kindle because it seemed interesting and it was cheap. $2.99 will get me every time! I find I read two types of books. Vapid and deeply dark. Sometimes I just need a break from the deeply dark, so on my break from Columbine, it was nice to get lost in some fluff.

I saw some criticism in other reviews about this author being unsigned and such... I did not honestly know that until I'd finished the book and read the reviews. I don't think it's fair to say I don't like something without saying why I didn't like it, so here's what stood out to me in the Needs Improvement Department:

Easily Amused didn't come off to me as amateur, but in hindsight it could have used some editing and, for lack of a better word, primping. The characters seem to need more development (especially Mindy and Ryan) and the story moves very quickly. I was disappointed in the climax -- the conflict reaches a crescendo and then the story screams back down the cliff. I wanted to read more about the confrontation. I also noted a few misspellings, but nothing that stands out glaringly.

I say, kudos to Ms. McQuestion for not wrapping the entire Lola/Hubert story line in one big unbelievable bow. I love the dangling question at the end of the book. I just wish there was more development along the Mindy/Ryan/Lola line. I also felt like there wasn't enough information given about Ryan to make me sufficiently suspicious, though I was starting to feel a bit iffy about him.

I keep fighting between 2 and 3 stars for this book. I've settled on three. It was enjoyable, moved a bit slow but not an awful read, once I got a few chapters in.