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The Racketeer

The Racketeer - John Grisham
This book is why I love John Grisham. He makes a book hard to put down, with fast paced action peppered with high-level, believable detail. This book reminds me so much of the old Grisham. Make no mistake, I'm a diehard Grisham fan however he's had a few shaky releases in the past few years (I know, I say that every time he releases a new book). I feel like this is a novel that I will read over and over, just like The Client, The Firm, The Associate, The Broker, etc. etc. I like when I have a feeling about how the story will end and Then I discover that I'm completely wrong. By the time I figure out what really happened, I've reached the end and I realize that the author has somehow managed to tell an entire story without being predictable and showing his hand too early. I've read far too many books in which the main conflict is solved too early and there are 100 pages of aimless blathering about nothing until the end of the book (i.e. The girl with the Dragon tattoo). No such thing with The Racketeer.

Finally, I loved his Author's note at the end of the story. He basically said he didn't do any research, he made up a bunch of stuff and he wrote a great story. This is why I love Grisham.