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The House Girl: A Novel

The House Girl - Tara Conklin An excellent first publish from a new author that I would read again. I would be interested in seeing growth in the vehicle to push the story forward.

I was entirely more interested in Josephine's story, though there were parts of Lina's story that I connected with as well. I'm not sure that I have a stance on reparations but I felt its role in this story was rather weak and the coincidental demise of that issue to be to convenient. I wanted the vehicle for needing to locate Josephine to be stronger... however she made do with what she had and I was impressed with the depth of the story from a first time novelist. I'd red another book by her, most certainly.

More than anything, it showed me, visibly, that our ancestors live within us, among us. Josephine lived a short 17 years, but hundreds of years later, her legacy was still alive. Impressive, powerful storytelling.

I felt connected to Lina, Oscar, Josephine, even LuAnne Bell. I couldn't dig Dan or Garrison or Dresser in the least and rolled my eyes at every mention of a Reparations lawsuit. Despite what I felt was a weak vehicle, this story is full of drama, hidden secrets, twists and turns from the past. The beginning moves slowly, but as we dig deeper into both Lina and Josephine, the novel weaves a thick, tightly woven tapestry of amazing story that I've been craving since the Kitchen House.