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The Never List

The Never List - Koethi Zan This book was provided to me via NetGalley.

The Never List started off really interesting and compelling, with questions to ask and the impending 'when does it happen and why' moment. Then it devolved into an odd chase after a series of random persons and a twist that was just....left there. I skimmed much of the book and it still wasn't much of a surprise and it wasn't really explained with any kind of climactic satisfaction. And then the book ended.

Outside of Sarah and Jim, the characters are flat, to me. Like, they're just there on the paper. I don't see the movie version playing out in my mind. The dialog, when there is any, is very stiff and unrealistic. Also this was a review copy but the file I received was full of grammatical and pagination errors. Very distracting.

Given the recent headlines about women being held captive and rescued, this story should have a 'current events' feel. Even after reading Room, I wondered how Ma got along years and years after being held captive. While the main character in The Never List- Sarah- showed severe signs of PTSD, etc, the author felt like she had to keep reminding us that the character suffered.

I saw a few comparisons to Gillian Flynn when I requested those this book. Unfortunately I think that likeness is off the mark.