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Raveled - Anne McAneny I really enjoyed this book. I love a good thriller/mystery/dramatic story to unfold and Raveled delivered.

The MC Allison (actually her brother Kevin) has a burning question that needs to be answered. Answering this question sends her back to Levitte, the scene of the crime. The crime being her father being convicted of the murder of two teens.

The Fennimore family is in shambles since Artie's untimely death before he can be declared Guilty of murder. Her mother's brain has become its own worst enemy, sending her into fugue, demented states and short, infrequent moments of clarity. Her brother found solace at the bottom of a bottle and is currently in rehab. Allison, who tends bar in New York and enjoys the nameless facelessness of her job, might be the most "put together" member of the family. Hence why she's chosen to investigate what really happened the night of the murder and clear her father's name.

Raveled is a fast paced, plot driven, complicated, twisty ride from beginning to end. McAneny uses a familiar, conversational, comedic tone that makes reading go quickly and easily. There were a few times I thought I had solved the mystery, and I was wrong. Once it began to unfold and the pieces started to come together, I couldn't turn the pages fast enough.

I would definitely read another Anne McAneny Mystery.