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Who Asked You?

Who Asked You? - Terry McMillan I was looking forward to reading this book but didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't unforgettable.

I've not read a lot of Terry McMillan so perhaps I wasn't up on what to expect. I do remember that Getting to Happy (the last McMillan book I read) had multiple view points. Who Asked You had MANY POV's and to me, was overkill. It muddled the story to me and made it much less enjoyable to read.

Aside from that, Who Asked You reads like a real slice of American life in a family in an urban city. From drug and alcohol abuse to stints in jail to dealing with Alzheimer's and instability, McMillan lays her characters bare on the page. We see all, good and bad. The writing is not stilted and introspective-- it is conversational and on the level of Any Reader. She tells a story, over time, and allows us to watch how life plays out for this family.