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Solid Gold Seduction

Solid Gold Seduction - Zuri Day I really enjoyed this book and I'm totally interested in reading more from Zuri Day. I like my romances simple, enjoyable and red hot and Solid Gold Seduction fit the bill. Not to mention that this book is from the Kimani imprint which features black characters, something I really don't see much of from big publishers so YAY.

Solid Gold Seduction takes place on a ranch outside San Francisco that used to be known for gold. After the first initial finding, however, Warren Blake and Charlie Reed's grandfathers were never able to uncover more. Fast forward a generation or two, and mogul Warren Drake is building a house on the land his grandfather owned and mined. Enter his neighbor, spitfire Charli Reed who is as beautiful as she is spunky.

The two initially butt heads- strong willed and both think they're right. However over the course of the story, they can't hide or run from the mutual attraction. Insert dastardly enemy set on enacting revenge on Charli and an old friend of Warren's who isn't so much an old friend and Solid Gold Seduction is well rounded story with lots to cover, not just the romance, and does it well.

Unlike other HQ romances from the Kimani line I found the storyline (though about rich people which is kind a burr in my behind, but it's nice to read about rich black people that own multiple businesses and are successful. It's sort of a literary Cosby show, so I'll allow it) to be believeable, and the dialog to be realistic.

I am definitely looking into Zuri Day's backlist and she'll be on my upcoming releases radar. Great read!