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In His Arms

In His Arms - Yasmin Sullivan In which Art Imitates Life, if art is a frightened woman running from a dark past with a violent man into the arms of a steady, stable... knight with shining paintbrush.

Michelle and Rashad are artists in their own right, hoping to use a weekly art class to boost their professional work. Right away, Rashad is attracted to Michelle, but all the hints she gives out point to a family-- a husband and a child. Still, he can't shake the irresistible draw to her and after almost kissing a married woman, Rashad and Michelle finally connect and sort out the pieces-- both are single, neither are looking for anything casual. Michelle has a son who is clearly her first priority.

Michele also has a secret that she's trying hard to keep from Rashad, but when he walks in on her ex husband about to lay hands on her, he becomes heavily involved. Lucian Vaughn has determined that Michelle can run and hide but she won't get away from him and she won't take his son away from him.

There's a sweet love story here that's predictable but the ride is enjoyable. The love scenes are classy but still tantalizing and the pace of the story moves quickly, since this is a short (about 200 page) novel. I had a couple of nits (like aside from the gun and foul language, Lucian wasn't all that menacing to me. He smacks his fist into his palm a lot.... who does that???) and Michele does a lot of cowering and hiding. Overall, however, they don't stop the story from rolling on so they're inconsequential.

I'm really enjoying the releases from the Kimani imprint and I've already researched Yasmine Sullivan's other releases. Easy read, great suspenseful storyline. I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley for review.